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24 Nov 08:36 AM
AIT - Buy
No short-term catalyst ... Bright future

9M14 profit reaches 86% of our yearly forecast. We have kept our 2014 earnings forecast unchanged as 9M14 profit reached 86% of our yearly forecast of THB666m (+17% YoY). However, 3Q14 earnings dropped 69% QoQ as most pending backlog from 2013 was booked in 2Q14 and fell 19% YoY due to the political pressure that delayed many public projects. This has caused GPM to be 1% lower than expected and SG

MK - Trading Buy
Hold for the dividend ...
TSTH - Take Profit
Continued loss in 3Q15, times still tough
SPCG - Buy
Next big step after 36 farms completed
BJC - Trading Buy
Downgraded earnings but recovery in 4Q14
NWR - Trading Buy
Turn to loss in 3Q14 but to later improve
INET - Sell
Good signs, but priced in ... "Sell"
Automotive Sector : Auto production contracted further in October
GFPT - Buy
Upgraded earnings and target price
SUPER - Not Rated
Why is the share price rising so fast?
RML - Take Profit
The good times are over
Constractor Sector : Cabinet approved G2G dual-track project
Sector: ปิโตรเคมีและเคมีภัณฑ์ (Not Available in EN Version)
Petrochemical Price Update : สายโอเลฟินส์แกร่งสุดในกลุ่มปิโตรเคมี
MFEC - Buy
3Q14 back on track, high growth in 4Q14
PTT - Buy
Still most attractive amid weak oil prices
SIRI - Hold
Hope of recovery in 2015?
AH - Trading Buy
Weak in 3Q14, look ahead to next year
IHL - Trading Buy
3Q14 profit outperforms industry
SRICHA - Trading Buy
3Q14 profit softens to Bt228mn
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