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24 Apr 08:42 AM
VGI - BT 11.50 - Take Profit
Another profit decline last quarter

VGI is to report a 2013/14 profit -10% below of consensus. We estimate VGI will report a 4Q13/14 net profit dropping 7% YoY to Bt215mn, directly impacted by the political tension. Hence, the 2013/14 earnings will grow below our and market estimates by 7-10%, which will likely pressure the share price in the short term. With a slow industry recovery, we have downgraded our recommendation from Buy t

LPN - BT 17.60 - Take Profit
Unimpressive 1Q14 earnings estimate
TUF - BT 69.75 - Take Profit
Recovering 1Q14 profit, but still pricey
BCP - BT 31.50 - Buy
1Q14 profit to jump 107% QoQ
TMT - BT 10.60 - Trading Buy
Further recovery in 1Q14 and flat yearly growth
PTTEP - BT 158.50 - ซื้อ (Not Available in EN Version)
ประกาศซื้อกิจการในโครงการของ Hess Corp ในประเทศไทย
SIM - BT 3.44 - Buy
Strong result expected in a slowdown
LOXLEY - BT 4.04 - Buy
High QoQ growth, reasonable YoY slow
DRT - BT 6.20 - Sell
1Q14 profit to soften YoY and further earnings cut
SCCC - BT 359.00 - Buy
1Q14 earnings surprisingly hit a new high
Sector: ปิโตรเคมีและเคมีภัณฑ์ (Not Available in EN Version)
Petrochemical Price Update : HDPE ยังแกร่งและสูงกว่าสมมติฐานของเรา
TRUE - BT 6.85 - Buy
Has the V-trough begun?
PSL - BT 27.25 - Trading Buy
Yet, another quarterly loss
PTTGC - BT 71.00 - Buy
1Q14 profit to be the yearly low
Banking Sector : A fair 1Q14 still with NPL concerns
SUTHA - Not Rated (Not Available in EN Version)
Company Flash : SUTHA
KTB - BT 18.80 - Buy
1Q14 rather quite good, yet higher NPLs
SCC - BT 426.00 - Buy
A growing 1Q14 profit, despite political pressure
THANI - BT 4.04 - Buy
1Q14 resilient...expect a new high in 2Q14F
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