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30 Jan 08:48 AM
DELTA - Sell
Good but everyone known

4Q14 earnings will slump 36% QoQ as revenue and GPM will be depressed by seasonality. However, the long term outlook remains bright but this will be strongly reflected in the share price. As share price exceeds our TP by 9% (dividend of only 4%), we maintain our SELL rating with a TP of THB65.50. The current PER2015 valuation is quite high at 14.40x.

BCP - Buy
Only refiner to post positive earnings in 2014
KTB - Buy
Building crucial platform
PTTEP - Trading Buy
Posted a net loss as expected
Expect earnings to peak in 4Q14
KKP - Hold
A tough year
SCC - Buy
Strong 4Q14 earnings, robust growth in 2015
Sector: ปิโตรเคมีและเคมีภัณฑ์ (Not Available in EN Version)
Petrochemical Price Update : ราคาอะโรเมติกส์ปรับเพิ่มแรง
QH - Trading Buy
The year of condo launching
VGI - Buy
Good development & larger stake of BTS
DCC - Sell
Improving 4Q14 profit but remains unimpressive
MONO - Buy
No more illegal online viewing, free for everyone
STEC - Trading Buy
Favourable 4Q14 profit, slight growth in 2015
PS - Buy
Target new-high earnings and presales in 2015
TOP - Trading Buy (Not Available in EN Version)
ก้าวข้ามผลขาดทุนจำนวนมาก ไปสู่ปีที่ดีกว่า
ITD - Trading Buy
More new positive stories, upgrade TP
4Q earnings will strong, more revised up
CBG - Buy
Integrated drink producer with solid growth in CLMV
BMCL - Buy
Opportunity for LT investor comes (again)
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