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18 Apr 08:00 AM
SCB - BT 163.00 - Buy
1Q14 earnings hit new high on cost controls

1Q14 earnings summary. SCB reported record earnings for 1Q14 at Bt13.1bn, up 12% QoQ and slightly YoY. This has beaten our forecast by 12% and slightly better than consensus. Flat loan growth (corporate expanded with retail contracting), great cost controls for both funding and the operating side helped boost the bottom line growth. Net interest income rose 2% QoQ and 12% YoY. Fee income however d

TMB - BT 2.44 - Trading Buy
NIM and fee income hit hard in 1Q14
Sector: ปิโตรเคมีและเคมีภัณฑ์ (Not Available in EN Version)
Petrochemical Price Update : ราคา HDPE ขยับขึ้นต่อเนื่อง
KCE - BT 30.25 - Buy
Growth and new records continue
TISCO - BT 42.50 - Trading Buy
A poor industry still depresses earnings
Property Sector : Increased project launches for March
DELTA - BT 59.00 - Take Profit
To underperform for the next 3-6 months
IVL - BT 22.60 - ซื้อ (Not Available in EN Version)
ประกาศซื้อกิจการในประเทศตุรกี (Project Silk)
HMPRO - BT 10.20 - Buy
1Q14 earnings to climb 12% YoY
PTTGC - BT 69.00 - Buy
Most concerns now reflected in the price
SVI - BT 4.34 - Buy
An upward revision with an upgrade to Buy
MFEC - BT 9.50 - Take Profit
Speculation period has passed
CPALL - BT 44.00 - Buy
Operating profit growth in 1Q14
SPCG - BT 20.10 - Buy
Reaching the turning point
PTTEP - BT 158.00 - Buy
1Q14 profit to rise QoQ
Banking Sector : 1Q14F earnings - up QoQ and down YoY
TMB - BT 2.44 - Trading Buy
Expect flat 1Q14F earnings ? limited upside
Sector: ปิโตรเคมีและเคมีภัณฑ์ (Not Available in EN Version)
Petrochemical Price Update : HDPE ยืนสูงต่อเนื่อง PX ยังอ่อนตัวแต่ downside เริ่มลดลง
IRPC - BT 3.44 - Take Profit
The only refiner to post a weak QoQ profit
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